Hebrew is my first language. As a baby, my first words were "ma ze?" Hebrew for "what's that?" (I know, such a smart way to learn other words, right?).  I learned to read and write Hebrew at about the same age as I learned to read and write English, thanks to a special Hebrew school for Israeli-American kiddos that my parents schlepped me to twice a week. My mom proudly marked on my public school registration forms that English was not my first language...and I had to take an ESL test in 6th grade to prove to the Los Angeles Unified School District that I was proficient in English alongside some peers who were not too proficient...

I guess it was all worth it. Besides all of the usual benefits of being bilingual, lately, my Israeli side has played quite a role in my career prospects. I've auditioned for some projects in Hebrew and even for some roles that require an Israeli accent. I must say, I have a newfound respect for foreign actors who have to worry about learning material in another language on a daily basis (in addition to all of the other things we worry about before an audition). Even though it's my first language, it's not the language I'm used to auditioning with! With so much American television content coming from Israel these days (um, Homeland!!) it's a skill I've been working to use more and more, professionally speaking.

This Monday and Tuesday, I'll be doing just that! I'll be performing in the Actor’s Key 2013 Spring Showcase: the International Edition. This 75-minute piece directed by Carmen Aiello aims to showcase diversity in culture by featuring scenes in foreign languages and English. I will be performing a scene in Hebrew (and its English translation!) with my talented friend Rosie Moss.

All of the information can be found HERE and you can watch a promo video for the showcase HERE

If you're in LA, please come watch! I mean, look how attractive and international-looking our cast is:

Hope to see you there!

And in case you missed it, you can watch the latest episode of How Men Become Dogs HERE (I'm shooting the next installment tomorrow with a very exciting special guest star...details later!).