Like many smartphone-addicts yesterday, I was locked out of all of my social media. Insta, Facebook…the works. It also just so happened to be the day that I published my second piece in McSweeney’s. Without social media I wondered: WHERE ARE MY LIKES? WHERE IS MY VALIDATION? Kidding (sort of). But beyond not being able to satisfy my social media cravings, I realized that if I don’t share my writing, no one will know it exists. So I’m posting it here…for posterity…and also for likes. Please love me???

Click the photo below to read said humor piece!

And if you haven’t seen me blast it on social media, check out the Podcast Imagined Life by the amazing team over at Wondery (whom you might know from viral podcasts like Dirty John or Dr. Death). I wrote a freelance episode of Imagined Life — episode is called “The Winner” — narrated by the incredible Virginia Madsen (if you listen until the very end, she says my name! And she even pronounces it correctly!). Click the image below to take you to the podcast (or subscribe on Apple Podcasts, Stitcher, or wherever you get your podcast fix).