James Franco just wrote a semi-fictional book about acting, and in it, he has a cycle of poems dedicated to River Phoenix. In honor of this, here are some ridiculous actress Haikus for you to enjoy on this gray day.

Time frames and windows
Too early, late, or in-between
Made it just in time!

In the waiting room
Not nervous, no, not at all
Stop comparing yourself

It's pilot season
It's episodic season
Where did the year go?

Watching TV
All the time, all the time
What? It's my homework

Just book something, please
Credits and tape and reels
Make it all worth it

#Blessed, #lucky, #grateful
Maybe you just earned it
It's hard work, not luck

Meets preparedness is all
Luck is only that

Smoke bump, wardrobe bump
Overtime is golden time
Dues dues dues dues dues

Just talking about myself
Selfish but needed

Hit your mark and slate
Here we go, off to pretend
For a nice moment

Where is my book deal
For real, when's it happening
I'm ready to go