Wow, we're already nearly two months into the New Year, and I haven't updated my blog. I've been waiting for a "theme" to inspire me so that I have some framework within which I can sneak in my laundry list of what I've been up to. I usually do this to distract you into thinking this is some regular blog, although that's probably useless. I would not recommend "acting career" as a "lifestyle," so this is most certainly not one of those lifestyle blogs.

But I can't wait any longer! I try and bombard you with my happenings once a month, and I've already failed. Theme?? What theme? Valentine's Day? I did that last year. President's Day? Tax Season? Believe it or not, I did write about that last year. I guess the theme of this post is the Un-Theme. Which is very "February" if you ask me. "Un-Theme's" a much better theme than the flu, which I have right now…so, you're welcome!

This year's been kind to me so far! I made it to the top 20 contestants of ABC's "Make Me A Star" competition, which was unexpected and cool. Would've been cooler to win (I know, I know), but still cool to be acknowledged and know that my tapes were watched and appreciated. It was an open contest with submissions from all over the country, and it was definitely exciting to chat with ABC's lawyers and shoot another scene within a tight timeframe for the next round! In similar news, a short film script that I wrote and am hoping to produce (and act in, obviously!) made it to the top 10% of submissions to an (actually legit/reputable) screenplay competition. They haven't announced the next round yet, but like the other contest, it's just nice to know that my script was read and acknowledged. Again, it would be cool to win. A gal can dream...

I've booked and shot two different commercials, which should be airing soon (fingers crossed)! I actually auditioned for both spots on the same day. Something good was going on that day for me, that's for sure. Here are some snaps from the shoots:

Other than that, I'm proud to report that I'm back ON the wagon. The acting class wagon, that is. I fell off quite a few months ago, and I'm oh-so-glad to be back. Just makes me feel like an actor…you know? That's important.

Wow, not having a theme makes this kind of sound braggy and weird. I'm sorry. Wait - my New Year's Resolution was to apologize less. So…better luck next month? Maybe a St. Patrick's Day theme?

Maybe my mom will leave a comment with a suggestion for next month's theme!!