Oh hello, blogosphere! It seems I've become one of those actors guilty of only updating their blog every few months. Tisk tisk. Well, without further adieu, here is an update, presented in obnoxious listy/buzzfeed style!

5 Ways You Know You Want to Shoot New Headshots with Dana Patrick

  1. All of your actor friends have shot with her and work, like, all the time
  2. You miss the days of shooting on film (and the way it masks imperfections)
  3. You want your eyes to "pop" in your picture, even in a small thumbnail version
  4. You want to have a difficult time choosing pictures, because there are too many good options
  5. You want to look at a lot of pictures of your own face 

I was definitely feeling four out of five of these items for a very long time (note: I didn't want to look at a lot of pictures of my own face). I had been wanting to shoot with the amazing photographer, Dana Patrick, for years! She still shoots on film and is truly an artist. I promised myself that if I booked a certain amount of commercials, I'd shoot new pictures with Dana. Well, once that happened, I booked a session with Dana...over three months in advance! The woman is in high demand, and so I had to wait patiently for our photo shoot. I think it was quite worth the wait!

Speaking of things being worth the wait, I'm waiting on the final versions of several different projects to come out so that I can share them with the world. My high school English teacher once told us that in a certain Native American language (I cannot recall which tribe; apologies for my ignorance), there was no word for "wait." They were just content with "being" rather than "waiting" for the next thing to happen, so there was no need to even have a word for waiting in their language.

As an actor, I find myself waiting all the time...waiting for an audition to roll in, waiting for my big break, waiting for my turn at an audition, waiting to watch footage from a project, waiting to hear feedback from an audition or meeting, and when I'm on set, I'm often "hurrying up and waiting" for my scene to come up on the schedule. This is all part of the job. But what if I could just eliminate this word from my vocabulary, too? As in, I'm just working towards my big break, actively...not waiting for it passively. Or I just am, living my life, and an audition opportunity pops up. I wasn't waiting for it. You know? That got too deep, too fast. Sorry guys.

Until next time...I won't keep you waiting this time, I promise!